Who Cares?

In fact, large numbers of people care, very deeply.

At the time of the investigation, the police actually advertised for people with negative stories about Siôn Jenkins to come forward. Their efforts were unsuccessful.

Yet, over the years since, members of the public have gone to the trouble of writing letters to the campaign and contacting the website, to express their profound concern about what happened,in the name of justice, to Siôn Jenkins.

  • The Second Appeal Succeeds : There was a strong and immediate response to the news that the appeal had succeeded.

  • 2003 — CCRC Referral : In February 2003 Lois Jenkins’ Sunday Times article caused further comment. Three months later, in May 2003, news that the CCRC had referred the case to the Court of Appeal marked another surge in communications.

  • Right from the Start : From the time of his conviction, support for Siôn Jenkins began to grow, as people expressed their shock at the weakness of the evidence which had convicted him.

  • Growing Disbelief : The failure of the first appeal only reinforced public support. The screening of BBC’s ‘Trail of Guilt’ in January 2000 provoked strong reactions.

  • The First Appeal : In September 1999 many contacts were prompted by Channel 4’s Trial and Error programme, screened in advance of the first appeal, and an article written by Bob Woffinden in the Daily Mail.

  • Waiting for the Appeal : A selection of the many letters and email messages received by the campaign, from people with no involvement other than their belief in the need for justice.

  • Active Support : Over time, public concern mounted, and people pledged their active support