The Onlooker

I knew Billie Jo, I also knew Siôn Jenkins, as he was my deputy head teacher, I was often at his office for getting thrown out of Latin. I used to hate him, as every kid used to hate every teacher, but given the choice, that would be the teacher I would have preferred to be sent to, he was very approachable and most of all he was fair.

I was the subject of a lot of bullying at school, which he sorted out. I am now successful in my own business.

I have always believed Mr Jenkins is innocent, and I happen to know a large proportion of the police that were investigating Billie Jo's murder believe the same. I was very curious at the time, and would ask the opinions of officers and listen to the gossip.

I remember one police officer saying to me “DCI Payne is either promoted or sacked. There has to be a conviction on this one with the whole country watching…”

Former Student