Right from the Start

From the time of his conviction, support for Siôn Jenkins began to grow, as people expressed their shock at the weakness of the evidence which had convicted him.

I have always believed in Siôn Jenkins’innocence.

I am a fairly logical and intelligent person, and usually when I am subjected to high profile murder cases through the media I, like most people, am satisfied that justice prevails when the accused is sentenced to imprisonment.

However, at no point during Siôn’s trial did I think that he was guilty. The pieces just did not slot together and it is a huge travesty that he was convicted on such flimsy evidence.

I would like to offer you my help. If I can do anything to assist you in your campaign for Siôn , I would be more than happy to give my time.


(From a village in Sussex) : Siôn Jenkins is, without doubt, innocent.

More power to your elbows to free an innocent man and show our local police for what they really are.

Best wishes.


Just to add my support for the campaign. I just can’t see how someone can be convicted on such flimsy evidence and with no apparent motive. Really frightening.


I believe totally in Siôn ’s innocence, and even though I am in a similar position, offer you my full support. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.


What can I do to help this innocent man get his freedom and acquittal? I will do all in my power to help.I am convinced he is innocent

…the police have not investigated the person who was seen at and around the scene of the murder. He must be investigated and witnesses to this man’s strange behaviour must be listened to.

What can I do to help?


I have been following the case for a while and have visited your site a few times and I agree with you that a bad injustice has happened here. The facts and evidence don’t add up.

I think you should fight for the truth and be strong, and the truth will win.

good luck in your fight


For what it is worth, I felt at the time that the case was flawed and so did any right minded friends with whom it was discussed.

Good luck.


This is clearly another example of bad police work in an eagerness to close the case, by taking a “soft target” as in the cases of the Darvell brothers in south Wales and the so called Bridgewater 4.

Siôn Jenkins was convicted, in my opinion, on very questionable evidence.


Hi there, I have been looking at your website, and like yourself I am convinced that a miscarriage of justice has taken place.

I have no legal training but hope that I can help your campaign in some way. If I can let me know and I will do my best to help.

Or perhaps I can help Siôn in some way by writing to him letting him know there are others who believe in his innocence.


I would like to offer my support in over ruling this unjust sentence.

I feel, and have always felt from the first, that whatever type of man Mr Jenkins is or isn’t, he didn’t kill his foster daughter.

It would appear far more likely given the evidence at the time of the murder and in the weeks before it took place that an intruder, quite possibly the psychiatric patient, is actually responsible.

Forensic evidence is never ‘incontrovertible’ there is always room for error and doubt.

I think that while the police went looking for a ‘needle in a haystack’ when looking for evidence and the murder, that on being unable to find the ‘needle’ they decided to prosecute the ‘haystack’

Keep up the good work