2003 — CCRC Referral

I always thought that the conviction of Siôn Jenkins was a controversial issue, but I have to admit that his wife’s statement went some long way in convincing me that I must have been wrong.

It never occurred to me till now that she might just want a divorce.

Good luck with the case.


I have long believed that the case against Siôn Jenkins was unsafe.

I recently watched a documentary (made a few years ago??) that outlined the inaccuracies in the police/CPS case, in particular covering the forensics aspects.

I was married to a CPS lawyer for 8 years and I know that biased detectives play a major role in prosecution decisions when they should not.

I do not know if Mr Jenkins is known to you personally but I wish him the strength and hope to continue through until his name is cleared.

On a separate note, (re. ‘The Wife's Story’) I would like to add that I have rarely read such an articulate, lucid and well-addressed response to a newspaper article.


Wonderful news that the Criminal Cases Review Commission has referred Siôn’s case back to the Court of Appeal. Wish him and the campaign all the best in the next few trying months.

I did write to Jack Straw and the CCRC some time ago outlining my doubts about some of the “so-called” evidence against Siôn. I can write some more letters if you think this would be appropriate.

It takes courage to keep up the fight and I applaud you all. Siôn has got to be restored to his family, and allowed to get on with his life.


This is a deeply troubling and worrying case. I do hope that it gets resolved before too long. A prison sentence resulting from a wrongful conviction must be a nightmare for the victim.

I”m writing this from Adelaide, although I used to live in Hastings some years ago.


Good luck in the appeal, we have followed the case since day one and often talked about it. We will be thinking of you.


Just to offer my support to Siôn and hope that justice is eventually done. I’ve had personal experience of the police and judiciary presenting ' their evidence' to get the result they want! Keep fighting Siôn, the truth will out!


Good luck with the appeal!


We would like you to pass our best wishes to Mr. Jenkins. We have written before, as we as a family have suffered at the hands of Sussex Police. We have always believed in his innocence, right from the very beginning of his trial, and could not believe it when he was found guilty.

We know from personal experience that his problem arose because he couldn't believe that Sussex Police could possibly consider him to be guilty. The officers concerned are not over-bright but possess a malevolent chip on their shoulder against those who do not take them seriously. This, combined with a complete inability to discern right from wrong and a lack of common sense, makes them very dangerous indeed.

We feel sure that Siôn will win this appeal, following which Jeremy Payne and his associates will be clearly exposed as amoral thugs.

Please tell Siôn that he has not been forgotten — we lose no opportunity to point out the injustice of his imprisonment. Also, please let us know if there is anything concrete we can do, other than networking.

Kind regards.


I have recently visited your website for Sion Jenkins. I’d just like to offer my support. I am a writer who has written three articles on cases of miscarriages of justice…I hope that justice prevails in the near future.

Best wishes.


I am currently studying the increasing problem and increasing number of Miscarriages of Justice in the UK as part of a documentary I am proposing for my course.

The case of Siôn Jenkins is an extremely distressing, troubling and unjust one and I have found it both shocking and intriguing to learn of the way he was charged. In particular, the corruption of the Sussex police force and the way they manipulated the case for their own ends is an issue that needs to be addressed.

From the research I have carried out, it would seem the pressure for police to convict is an extremely common cause of innocent people being convicted. As part of my documentary, I want to seek to show people that our current law and policing systems do not work and are heavily flawed…