The Second Appeal Succeeds

Please add my name for the support of Siôn Jenkins.

His conviction has always deeply disturbed our family and feel that we must register this ‘officially’ in some way. We wish him to be freed on bail and hope that this indeed will happen.

Please let me know if there is anything further we can do.Although we are unknown to Siôn, if the occasion arises please convey our sincere wishes to him and that we truly believe in his innocence.


I just wanted to write to say how pleased I was at the recent news of Mr Jenkins retrial. I have never been convinced of his guilt.

The original reporting of the case shows there were inconsistencies and problems with the prosecution case. As the facts come out (more and more as time goes on), I think it is obvious to everyone, (uncomfortably so for the police) that he is clearly innocent. A very great injustice has been done.

I am sure he will be found not guilty in the near future.

Please pass on my best wishes.


Well done to you all. I can't tell you how pleased I am that at last things are moving forward and that hopefully this dreadful injustice and nightmare will soon be at an end.

I am shocked that Siôn is still in custody…


I retired from the Police Service in 2000, after 24 yrs service. I have always held an interest in crime generally,and particularly ‘miscarriages of justice’. Unfortunately, my years within the Police have turned me into somewhat of cynic, and I am generally quite dismissive of people who claim to have been the victim of a miscarriage.

However, I have read numerous articles both in newspapers and on the internet regarding the case of Siôn Jenkins. I have tried to be objective and dispassionate, and to analyse the available material logically.

My own conclusions are that this man should not be in prison.

…I do wish you, your campaign team and Siôn Jenkins all the best for the future,and I am sure justice will prevail.


I find the continuing emphasis on the origin of the blood spatters bewildering when the layman is asking, ‘How come that’s all there was?’

I commend Siôn’s dignity, and that of his parents, and trust the new jury will be aware of the enormity of their role and reach a just conclusion.


I cannot believe how nervous I was waiting for the verdict this morning, and can only begin to imagine what Siôn must have been going through. I have to say that I have been impressed with the dignity that he has shown over the past two weeks which must have been such a trying time for him.

Please pass on my best wishes, and let him know that I am proud to campaign for someone as dignified as he has been. My prayers are for bail, for a short re-trial and of course, release.


It’s with great happiness that I note the progress made this morning in Siôn’s search for justice, with the announcement of his retrial. I attended a day of the appeal, and now join with other supporters in looking forward to the day when Siôn ’s name is cleared for good.


I hope Siôn Jenkins is freed.If justice is done and he is freed following the retrial, I just hope he is able to build his life back up again. Not only did he bear the pain of losing his daughter, he has also lost 6 years of his life and was unable to grieve in the way any person who has lost a loved one should.

Good luck for your future Siôn , the justice system is forever in debt to you. My heart and prayers are with you for your retrial.


I am sure Siôn would like to know that so many of us in Wales believe in his innocence. Also to congratulate him on his second appeal and his forth coming retrial.

We will be following his progress all the way to his date of release.

Congratulations to him and his dedicated team.


I’ve been unable to sleep or eat much this week, I’ve kept my fingers crossed for Siôn ; hoping and praying that the appeal would be granted and that he would be free. I know a re-trial is a better outcome than the appeal being dismissed but it is so unfair. I’ve been trying to imagine Siôn’s feelings this week, but it’s impossible. I just can’t imagine how horrible it would be to be in his shoes. I have no faith left in the British Justice System.


I just had to write and say how devastated I am to hear the news that Siôn will have to go through the agony of a retrial. I cried when I heard the result.


I’ve been watching the news all morning. Congratulations on getting the conviction quashed. Let’s hope that they let him out on bail in the near future. My thoughts are with you and Mr Jenkins, and I really do wish him well for the future. Will be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that this jury will make the right decision.


Congratulations to Siôn and to all concerned for winning the right to a re-trial. Sure that it’s a big step on the way to vindication.