15 Feb 1997
Billie-Jo Jenkins is murdered
14 March 1997
Siôn Jenkins is charged with murder
3 June 1998
Trial begins
02 July 1998
Siôn Jenkins is convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
21 Dec 1999
First appeal fails
12 May 2003
CCRC refer case back to Appeal Court.
16 July 2004
Siôn Jenkins’ second appeal is successful.
2 August 2004
Siôn Jenkins is granted bail after being held in Belmarsh prison for two weeks.
6 August 2004
Campaign website is forced to shut down.
6 April 2005
Siôn Jenkins’ retrial opens and is adjourned for two weeks.
20 April 2005
Siôn Jenkins’ retrial resumes.
11 July 2005
Retrial ends with hung jury. Prosecution immediately calls for third trial.
31st October 2005
Siôn Jenkins’ second retrial opens.
9 February 2006
Siôn Jenkins is formally acquitted of murder.