The First Appeal

We watched the program on ch4 and were appalled at what has happened to this man.It could be any one in this situation, Please give him your best support.


After seeing the Channel 4 Trial and Error investigative documentary, I am convinced that the conviction should be overturned on the new analysis so competently illustrated. The program has completely changed my mind about the significance of the evidence presented at the trial.

If it’s of any use to Siôn , please feel to add my name to any record of public opinion about this case, and please contact me if I can be of any more help than this.


Having read todays article in the Mail and now your web page, I would like to offer my support as yet again the British justice system has got it wrong — and yet again another innocent person is in jail.

Good luck with the campaign, especially the appeal


I think that it’s brilliant that Siôn is getting a chance to appeal. Even though I only knew the outline of the case, I have always believed that he was innocent, just a gut reaction, I guess you could call it.

Well, here’s to praying that he will be released and the true killer caught, convicted and sentenced.


My wife and I have always thought that this was a miscarriage of justice. After reading the article in today’s Mail we are even more convinced.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Siôn and we wish him every success with his appeal.


I am just an ordinary member of the public wishing to offer my support. I have never believed the evidence was strong enough to convict and am convinced that the appeal will succeed.


The article in the Daily Mail and your website only goes to confirm what I have believed all along in that Siôn is indeed innocent and a a miscarriage of justice has occurred.

It seems that the overworked police forces of today are only interested in getting a quick result and that in many cases means that important evidence is either dismissed as irrelevant or conveniently ignored as it does not fit in with their very fragile evididence against a suspect.

I hope the screening of the channel 4 program will provide a new momentum in your campaign and I wish you well.


The investigation and prosecution of this case have clearly been highly questionable. Very best of luck with the appeal


Just to let you know that we are still regularly checking into the site and are thinking of you.

What a wonderful Christmas present for everyone if this monstrous miscarriage of justice can be set straight.

I hope Mr. Jenkins is bearing up under a strain which is almost unimaginable.


I am sure I am not the first to say this, but I too have had severe misgivings over the verdict reached at Siôn’s trial. Even with the limited knowledge of the case gleaned from the national papers at the time of trial, a conviction seemed most unsafe.

I wish you all success, and equally important, that the real murderer is eventually brought to justice.


Still thinking of you and looking forward to Mr. Jenkins being completely vindicated


Best Wishes,


Just a quick note to those of you involved with this appeal. I have read about this case and seen the television documentary and I share your concerns that a serious miscarriage of justice may well have taken place.

I am monitoring your site for news during the appeal, partly because there is so little coverage in the media, and I hope very much to see a successful outcome.


I was talking to a friend yesterday who used to be a fingerprint expert with the Met. and is a qualified forensic witness. With no prompting from me he analysed the case very succinctly and expressed all the concerns which are held by your supporters.

He would like to come on board.