Waiting for the Appeal

With the appeal judgement imminent, widespread support for Siôn Jenkins was very evident. Messages poured in.

Although I do not know Siôn, I feel compelled to express my support for an innocent man wrongly convicted.

So on the eve of the appeal verdict, regardless of the outcome, I would like to take this chance to express my support and my faith in his total innocence.

I am on tenterhooks for Siôn and everyone connected closely to him on this day, If I’m feeling like this, I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like for him and his supporters. My sincere wish for you all is that justice will prevail and the truth will out. It is about time.

Regardless of the outcome, I will continue to support his innocence.


I am just writing to wish Siôn Jenkins ‘Good luck’ with the appeal, and to say that for some time now I have thought that there is an innocent man in jail.

Ever since the original trial I have had an uncomfortable feeling about it, but, like a great many people, I have just shrugged my shoulders and got on with my life. Now, every time I read something about this case, I just find it unbelievable that anyone could be convicted on that evidence.

Good luck and best wishes for a successful appeal. If there is justice then the conviction will be overturned and that should open up some searching questions.


I have followed Siôn’s case with interest over the years, as I still believe he is an innocent man. So having never done this before I would just like to say if everything goes his way tomorrow and I hope it does, just wish him all the very best in the future for me. I hope he can get his now shattered life back on track.


When this case was first in the news I believed he was guilty…since then I have learnt to be a critical thinker. I have read and re-read this site and others, and I find myself utterly dismayed that Siôn Jenkins was ever found guilty.

I am hoping for the best for Sion Jenkins on Friday. Good luck to you all.


I am hoping and praying that the decision goes your way on Friday. If it does, an appalling injustice will be righted.

I wish you the best of luck. My thought are with you all.


I am longing for the Establishment to see sense this coming Friday, and see that an innocent man has been wronged and release him.

As long as justice does prevail, and he is released, then perhaps he’ll be allowed the dignity of grieving the loss of his foster daughter…

With all best wishes for Friday.


Hopefully,Siôn Jenkins’ conviction will soon be overturned. Having lived outside the UK for a long time, there appear to me to be quite a few cases of wrongful conviction in Britain. I wonder if this is the sign of a bad system or a good one, in that these are now finally ’coming out’ and being reviewed.

The hardest aspect of the Siôn Jenkins’ case to understand is the attitude of his wife. It is indeed fortunate that there were some people who continued to believe in his innocence…


Surely now there can only be one rightful outcome, as there is obviously no case against him.


My wife and I have been convinced of the error of this conviction. Our hearts and prayers go to Mr. Jenkins and his family. We always hold in our mind the picture of his father, mourning his incarceration…


I congratulate you for your efforts, and hope that Siôn will get justice in the end.


My short email is to say that I have always believed that Siôn is innocent. I followed the case from the beginning, through the media, and although there have been slights upon his character, I still believed in his innocence.

I do so hope, for Siôn and all his friends and family that have stood by him throughout, that he will be released from prison as soon as possible.

My thoughts are with Siôn every time the news comes on.


I would like to offer my support to Siôn Jenkins having followed the case since seeing the television programme about the flaws in the prosecution.

I wish him well in his appeal.


I would like to add my support for Siôn Jenkins. I pray that justice will be done in this second appeal and very shortly, Siôn will be a free man.


I’m British, now living in Canada. I was living in the UK when Siôn Jenkins was convicted. I read about it with a sinking heart, as it seemed obvious that there was insufficient evidence against him.

I hope he is released, and I wish him all the best for the future…


I share your concern at the red herring nature of the alleged confession that the media have widely publicised.

As I drove home the other day Radio 4 News covered the appeal, and referred in detail to the expert witness accepting that he had been wrong to state that there had been no upper airway blockage…

I have looked for coverage of that important retraction in the Guardian and Mail, and on the internet news sources, but have not seen it covered. It’s an important issue to get out to people. It seems timely for the police and the crown that the ‘burglar’ diversion should be released at just that time, and eclipse an extremely important move forwards for Siôn’s case. JH

I always wondered about this case. It never struck me as plausible even at the time, though I never examined it that closely. After all, if the police said he did it, they must be right, because they’re the police, aren’t they?

The more I have looked into it, especially after reading your web-site, the clearer it becomes that a monstrous miscarriage has taken place. An innocent man is locked up because our wonderful ‘boys in blue’ needed an easy conviction.

This is scandalous. In a ‘free’ country like Britain that a man so clearly innocent of this appalling crime can be incarcerated whilst the real murderer goes free is unbelievable. I always supported the death penalty previously; this case has made me rethink my view.

I wish Mr. Jenkins every success in this appeal. Nothing can give him back the time he has lost, but he can be set free. He is innocent. Certain members of the Sussex Constabulary should be charged with Conspiracy to pervert the course of Justice, or dismissed for incompetence, as no competent police officer could ever believe the evidence against him.

Good luck in you campaign. Hopefully this time true justice, and not what passes for it in Sussex, will prevail.


I went to Mcentee school and he was my English teacher.In all of my school years I had never had such great open minded education as when I was being taught by him. When it originally came to my attention years ago I couldn’t and still don’t believe it was him that could have commited such an awful crime.I have a lot of respect for Mr Jenkins and always will have.

I wish him all the very best at his appeal and will make sure i am there to cheer when he is released.


…it would appear that Siôn is indeed a victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Best of luck for your campaign. May justice come through at last.


…the police don’t care who they get as long as they get someone.


I have been following his case with great interest & dearly hope this innocent man will be free very soon. Time after time innocent people are imprisoned by others’ lies & half truths.


This case epitomises the radical need to overhaul the expert witness system currently used by our judicial system. This has been yet another classic example of a system all too ready to believe those who have their own agenda, rather than a pursuit for the truth.

Good luck to all involved, our thoughts are with you.


The evidence against Siôn Jenkins appears very weak indeed.

Did the police forensically examine the alleyway? There would have been muddy footprints.


I’d like to start by saying that there have been some appalling crimes which have left no doubt in my mind about the perpetrator’s guilt.

In Siôn Jenkins’ case I have never thought there was any case to answer. I can’t believe that the jury were convinced beyond ‘reasonable doubt’. There is so much doubt, never mind lack of evidence. I hope for Siôn’s sake that this appeal will succeed and he will be able to move on.


…I wonder if David Blunkett will come down as hard on Sussex Constabulary as he has on Humberside? Heads should roll for what was a deliberate miscarriage of justice.

How the people responsible for this can sleep at night, knowing they have used an innocent man to shore up their ‘crimes solved’ figures whilst leaving the real perpetrator loose on the streets is beyond me.


I believe Siôn is innocent, and have thought this was one of the U’s biggest miscarriages of justices from day one; there appear to be no palpable facts to suggest I am wrong. I hope he finally obtains his freedom, although nothing will compensate for the years he has lost.


Like an awful lot of people it seems, I am utterly convinced that Siôn Jenkins is innocent of murder.

I have been following the case since the beginning, and cannot believe how he was ever charged with this crime. I live in a village not that far from Hastings, but have no connection with the Jenkins family.

I just wanted to say good luck to everyone involved in this current appeal, and I hope that this time justice will be done for Siôn Jenkins.


It was only last evening that my friend and I were discussing this case, and we both feel very strongly that there has been a massive miscarriage of justice,ineptitude on some parts and an unsavoury element of vindictiveness lurking here too.Please pass on my best wishes to Siôn and all those who are campaigning for his release. He deserves nothing more than the freedom to re start his life and to be vindicated.


It is apalling to think that an innocent man is still in prison. I really wish I could do something, other than reiterate that this man is innocent and should be released. Siôn should not have been jailed in the first place, should not be in jail now, and please God soon he will not be in jail.


…after following the case very closely back in 1997 I was very surprised and shocked at the verdict as I always believed in Siôn’s innocence right from the very start.

Reading an article in the *Daily Mail* a few weeks back reconfirmed my original thoughts, and that Siôn was indeed innocent of this terrible crime.

I just hope that after the result of this appeal hearing justice will be done and he will be finally vindicated.

I shall continue to follow the case closely.

My thoughts are with you.


I remember this case only from the BBC News as I lived in Northern Ireland when it happened. I am now living in Sacramento, California and work as a Baptist pastor.

…the conviction of Mr Jenkins is at the very least unsafe, although I would venture to say that I am convinced of his innocence as I weigh up the testimonies and evidence and case. I have no vested interest apart from seeing justice done and truth upheld.

I am seriously disturbed by the poor way this case has been conducted. It gives me no pleasure to see our British legal system called into question by this case. Sadly it is a further reminder of man’s fallibility.

I am a believer in the death penalty but recognize that this case throws up serious issues relating to it.

I hope that Mr Jenkins case is well represented and heard at his appeal and will be praying that God will vindicate the truth in this whole sorry affair.


I have just visited your website, and wanted to send my support for your campaign.

I have never believed Siôn to be guilty of the murder of his stepdaughter, and find the evidence that convicted him to be terribly flawed.

There are always those with an unhealthy and vindictive interest in seeing an innocent man imprisoned for such a dreadful crime, and the police have shown that they are unable and unwilling to consider that they are wrong. It is appalling to realise that someone can be convicted wrongly, simply because of someone’s promotion prospects, or because of flawed public opinion, manipulated by the media….

I do wish Siôn and his team every success with this appeal — I hope that justice is at last done.


As always, I’ll be praying for Siôn and especially for our Justice system that now, at last, Siôn will be set free .


I just wanted to wish Siôn and those of you supporting his appeal the very best of luck. I’ve always doubted the soundness of his conviction, and hopefully this travesty will be over any day now. I’m watching with interest and will be keeping my fingers crossed.


Please convey my good wishes to Siôn Jenkins on his appeal. I have always believed him to be innocent, and the evidence against him deeply flawed. I hope justice will really be done at his appeal. I live in Sussex and am aware of the failings of this police force.


There was always something that didn’t seem right about this case. It’s one I’ve regularly brought up with friends, saying I felt he was innocent.

Great web site, well done.

Keeping him in our prayers


I have followed the case of Siôn Jenkins and have always been convinced of his innocence. The evidence against him has, frankly, been ridiculous.

I was filling up at a garage in Cornwall when the news of the conviction came through. I knew instantly that corrupt forces had been at work.

I hope that he will soon be free.


I have followed this case since the beginning and felt very strongly at the time and since that a huge miscarriage of justice was carried out.

My best wishes for a successful outcome to the present appeal


I would like to add my name and address to your campaign to free Siôn Jenkins.

I always thought from day 1 he was innocent, and was in Australia on the day he was convicted. I simply could not believe it.

Let’s hope this appeal will finally free an innocent man.


I am an ex-student of Siôn Jenkins. He was my English teacher at McEntee school. I just want him to know that my thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Not Guilty!


Just want to say good luck with the current appeal.


My thoughts and prayers are much with you this week, especially today as Siôn’s appeal starts. May he be calm and may the truth prevail…

This case has been on my mind for the last 7 years, and this opportunity is what we have all be waiting for.


I can‘t believe someone can be convicted and sentenced to life on such flimsy evidence. Thank god there is no longer a death penalty.


Good luck in the appeal, I always remember from the reports of the trial that I found the evidence flimsy.


I have only known about this case from reading your web site and obviously the publicity during the trial.I have no connection with Siôn Jenkins ,other than wishing an innocent man go free.

Sometimes there are reasons for believing people are innocent but one does not know why. Perhaps it is just a gut feeling, but I firmly believe that in this case this man is innocent. I can only hope his appeal is successful and wish him good luck.


Have always believed Mr. Jenkins to be innocent. Please convey my best wishes.

Good luck with the campaign.


I am aware and seriously concerned at the ability of the media, politicians and legal establishment to accept investigations by the Police as fully conclusive. The simple facts are the Police make many errors of judgement and outright mistakes due in part because of their lack of experience in other walks of life.

Their answer to this is to employ “expert” witnesses who, due to their professional status, are ill equipped to admit possible inconsistencies in their evidence under cross examination.This trait is extremely common especially in people of high academic standing for whom to lose face would be unthinkable. Unfortunately Judges and juries invariably accept their word.


I just wanted to send a message of support for your campaign. I have no direct interest in this case — only the interest of a citizen alarmed by glaring miscarriages of justice. I’ve been haunted by Mr Jenkins’ case ever since reading accounts of the trial in the press and wondering how on earth the case had ever been allowed to reach a court. When I read of the guilty verdict I was flabbergasted. I was disgusted to hear then that his appeal had been rejected, essentially because of the view that judges could do no wrong.

Recent news reports about the cot-death case reviews made me think again of Mr Jenkins’ case and I decided to search the internet to see what progress there might be on his case.

I wish your campaign and Mr Jenkins luck; I hope he realises that there are ordinary members of the public who regard his conviction as an outrage.


I have studied the case and feel a great injustice has occurred which needs resolving. I don’t have any particular skill or knowledge or involvement, I’d just like to lend any support I can.


I have visited the Siôn Jenkins site many times over the past few years and continue to feel immense sadness for his situation.

I am simply a wife and mother with no special expertise in the field of criminolgy or the criminal justice system but I have felt completely uneasy about the guilty verdict from the moment I heard it.


I am sickened by the treatment of Siôn who I do not know. One must support this man until he has his day in court for his appeal. I am truly distressed after reading the information on the website.

Keep on keeping on for Siôn…

We are about 3 hours from Sydney and live in the Hunter Valley which is the wine growing area of New South Wales — will put aside a couple of good reds for Siôn to have when the day of celebration comes along. In the meantime I will remember him in my prayers and look forward to the good news.


I’m a consultant anaesthetist, and have an interest in true crime, having written a book on the subject. I also have an interest in miscarriages of justice, and attended the successful appeal of the Birminghan Six. I attend trials when I can, and went to Lewes for part of the Sarah Payne trial and the Old Bailey for the ‘Soham’ trial.

The case of Siôn Jenkins worried me from the start. The sheer implausability of the scenario suggested by the prosecution alone was one thing.

A week after the verdict, something very strange happened. Someone wrote an article in *The Mail* entitled “Why I believe Sion Jenkins is innocent”. As far as I’m aware, an article such as this, so soon after the verdict is unprecedented, and it certainly made me think.

I sincerely hope that he gets justice at the conclusion of his next appeal.


It seems to me that the most convincing evidence of innocence is the absence of blood on Siôn , which seems beyond all belief in the circumstances. The timeframe also seems fairly watertight and hopelessly insufficient, coupled with the immediate presence of the children. Likewise the less than direct access to the weapon, if he went through the house.

My professional interest is that I teach short university units at the interface between science and law, and arbitrate or analyse evidence in the biomedical science area. So for general intellectual stimulation I have read your site in detail several times as the case is intriguing.

There are of course numerous other minute points of interest in addition to the glaringly obvious ones I have felt moved to comment on.

At first glance, the microscopic blood seems more like proof of innocence than proof of guilt.


I write to wish you every success in the forth-coming appeal for the conviction of Siôn Jenkins.

I was never fully aware of the circumstances surrounding the case of Mr Jenkins, and having read the evidence, I would agree that his conviction is unsafe.

As a long-standing A and E nurse, I frequently arrive home to find myself sprayed with multiple drops of blood from patients who have been victims of injury. What the forensic scientist would make of my uniform, I shudder to think.

My thoughts are with you all.


The conviction of Siôn Jenkins is wrong.