Chronology of the Case

15 Feb 1997
Billie-Jo Jenkins is murdered
16 Feb 1997
Annie and Lottie Jenkins interviewed by police on video
22 Feb 1997
Discovery of blood spattering on Siôn Jenkins’ clothing
24 Feb 1997
Siôn Jenkins is arrested and interviewed in presence of solicitor.
25 Feb 1997
Siôn Jenkins released on bail. He is told he has to leave Hastings.Goes to his parents’ home in Aberystwth.
13 Mar 1997
Siôn Jenkins is charged with deception
14 Mar 1997
Siôn Jenkins is charged with murder and taken into custody.
24 Mar 1997
Siôn Jenkins is allowed bail and returns to Wales.
23 Apr 1997
Billie- Jo’s funeral takes place.
April 1998
Trial opens in Lewes, East Sussex, but is adjourned.
3 June 1998
Trial resumes
2 July 1998
Siôn Jenkins is found guilty of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment.
October 1998
Campaign group is formed
November 1998
First campaign mailing is sent out
January 1999
Siôn Jenkins is granted leave to appeal.
April 1999
Campaign website is launched.
July 1999
Screening of Channel 4’s Trial and Error is blocked by Lois Jenkins.
15 September 1999
‘Trial and Error’ programme screened.
Dec 1999
Appeal is heard and rejected.
14 January 2000
Leave to appeal to House of Lords is refused.
18 Jan 2000
‘Trail of Guilt’ shown — giving police account of the case.
Dec 2000
Siôn Jenkins’ first visit by his daughters.
May 2001
CCRC allocate the Jenkins case to a case worker.
July 2002
Lois Jenkins moves abroad with their daughters.
Sep 2002
Siôn Jenkins is refused permission to apply for a theology course.
Nov 2002
Following publicity and protest, Siôn Jenkins is given permission to apply for a theology course.
9 Feb 2003
Lois Jenkins’ Sunday Times article.
12 May 2003
CCRC refer the Siôn Jenkins case to the Court of Appeal.
July 2003
Siôn Jenkins sees his daughters for the second time during their visit to England.
23 January 2004
A directions hearing takes place.
4 March 2004
Second directions hearing takes place.
30 June 2004
Second appeal begins.
16 July 2004
Siôn Jenkins’ murder conviction is quashed. A retrial is ordered.
2 August 2004
Siôn Jenkins is granted bail after being held in Belmarsh prison for two weeks.
6 August 2004
Campaign website is forced to shut down.
6 April 2005
Siôn Jenkins’ retrial opens and is adjourned for two weeks.
20 April 2005
Siôn Jenkins’ retrial resumes.
11 July 2005
Retrial ends with hung jury. Prosecution calls immediately for third trial.
31 October 2005
Siôn Jenkins’ second retrial begins.
9 February 2006
Siôn Jenkins is formally acquitted of murder.

See detailed timeline of the events in the months after the murder, as specified in the 1999 Appeal judgement.