Active Support

I know that there is nothing practical that I can do to help you (if there is I would like to know) but I felt compelled to just let you know that I am trying to raise awareness of his case and present the facts — the real facts, not the media ‘facts’.

I know the power of the mass media and I am always dismayed when I find that once more, journalistic and moral integrity have been swept aside and damaging untruths continue to jeopardise everything that he is striving for. If there is anything at all that I can help you with, please let me know.


Like many, I was, and remain, convinced that the guilty verdict on Mr Jenkins was a miscarriage of justice.

A recent, minor event in my life reminded me of Siôn’s continuing imprisonment and I found your website whilst searching for info on his case.

Is there anything I can do to help? I have excellent communication skills (I trained as a journalist many years ago) and am keen to help your cause. Please let me know if you could do with some assistance.

I wish your campaign well and hope that Mr Jenkins remains strong and positive. It appears that innocent people must suffer because those in power are reluctant to accept or acknowledge the flaws in our justice system. Until flaws are addressed, improvements cannot be made. Keep fighting and have faith that justice will be done. EC

I can’t understand why the police didn’t investigate further the evidence of someone lurking around the premises at the time of the murder and the man running down the passageway at the back of the house!! Was it because, I wonder, this was the easy option for them, heaven for bid it could happen to any of us!!

Although I have never met Siôn or his family I do feel that the police had ‘stitched’ Siôn up with the murder just to get the case cleared up. I do hope and pray that the evidence needed to release him from prison will turn up very soon and he can continue his life as a free man.

Yours very concerned


Just a quick note in support of your web page. For many years now i have felt as you do that Siôn Jenkins was and is innocent. I would be very grateful if you could send me details of how i can support you in this campaign to free an innocent man.

Also if you are in contact with Siôn Jenkins, please remind him that a lot of people are still very interested in seeing justice done and hope to see him freed soon.


I’ve been finding your site and contents really interesting and eye opening.

I’m a second year forensic science student at the University of Central Lancashire, and I have a current assignment regarding the forensic evidence in this case. I’m finding it quite a disappointing prospect, as the forensic evidence submitted by the prosecution seems to be focused on preconceptions not objectivity, which everyday I am taught not to do

My view is that the forensic evidence was inherently flawed in its collection and portrayal by the police and prosecution.


I am a student of forensic science, and for one of my assignments I have chosen to study the case of Siôn Jenkins.

I just wanted to say that it has really touched me. I believe in his innocence and I admire everything that is being done for him.